Collection: Survival Kits - FAA / Transport Canada / Military

Nato Military, Transport Canada approved.

We can build a custom kit for any budget; below are our certified kits built for commercial compliance. 

A Crashkit is not simply another ‘survival kit’. Crashkit itself is a design principle for our brand of survival gear. The idea is simple; pack as much high quality gear into the smallest space possible. Shrink everything that can be shrunk and compress everything that can be compressed. Once the process is complete, you have an amazingly compact and rugged kit that is as durable as it is useful.

Unlike regular survival and 72hour kits, a Crashkit is not designed to be opened and closed frequently for minor inconveniences… It’s designed to be used only once. Specifically, Crashkits have been designed to survive a typical airplane crash and make things as comfortable as possible in the aftermath.

To this end, Crashkits can only be opened once. Once the seal is broken and the lid opened, products immediately begin expanding to regain their normal shapes and sizes.

Care must be taken to open your Crashkit in the event of a life-threatening emergency only.